Culture and heritage

Embark on a historical journey of discovery of the heritage of the Vendée, from prehistoric times to the Vendée Wars, not forgetting the Middles Ages and the Renaissance! These reminders of the past will take you back in time.
You are sure to be moved by the remarkable historical sites and their relics. The priory of Chassay-Grammont in Saint Prouant is particularly well preserved. The feudal Château de Sigournais is classified as a historic monument.
Natural heritage in the Vendée is also worth a look, choose from the many parks and gardens, from Montaigu in Luçon to the Mothe Achard in Essarts!

Prehistoric Vendée

Discover the Vendée's prehistoric sites.
Across the whole region there are a large number of prehistoric sites dating from Neolithic times. These sites which include monumental stone structures or megaliths, had a specific purpose. However, the relics which are still here today are mere reminders of once highly significant monuments.

From medieval to Renaissance

Embark on a journey of discovery through Vendée history. In the Middle Ages the Bas Poitou experienced significant changes in the organisation of its space and buildings. To defend against any invasions, fortifications and castles were built to protect the population. It was in this context that many abbeys, priories and parish churches sprang up, which was a result of the early evangelism of Poitou and because the region was located on one of the routes of pilgrimage...

The Revolution and the Vendée Wars

Discover the key site of the Vendéen uprising. The civil war of 1793 was a royalist rebellion against republican power by the "Catholic and Royal army" in the Vendée which left its mark on the whole region. Many monument and crosses today bear witness to the violence inflicted by the infernal columns of General Turreau and the great courage of the Vendéen leaders who became famous during the battles.

Parks and Gardens

Admire the changing colours of the parks and gardens in the Vendée. The Vendée offers a large choice of private and public parks and gardens: formal gardens, mixed gardens, medieval gardens, kitchen gardens, French gardens, landscaped gardens and quality contemporary gardens. Admire their colours as they change with the seasons. Note to all botanical enthusiasts! The parks and gardens contribute to the diversity of the Vendée's natural heritage.

Villages of character in the Vendée

Explore villages with outstanding architecture and heritage.
The "Petites Cités de Caractère" distinction is awarded to towns and villages with outstanding architecture and heritage. Apremont a few kilometres from the coast, Mallièvre and Mouchamps in Bocage, Vouvant, Famoreau, Foussais-Payré and Nieul sur l'Autise in the southern part of the department are all examples of the multiple facets of Vendée identity.