4 - The Vendée Atlantique Oyster route

Spread over almost 80 km of coastline, 13,000 tonnes of oysters are produced each year from the Loire estuary to the Bay of Aiguillon. Three shellfish farming areas are the main producers:  the Bay of Bourgneuf - Noirmoutier, Talmont Saint Hilaire and the Bay of Aiguillon.

Welcome to the land of Vendée Atlantique oysters!

Between the marshes and the ocean, embark on a real journey of discovery. You will discover how oysters grow and develop, and what makes them so unique, enjoyed the world over you will also learn about the different types and sizes.

In their place of work, oyster farmers will explain their way of life and the expertise passed down from generation to generation, giving you the chance to explore all the facets of this demanding profession.
Working in the oyster beds, you are at the hands of the challenges of nature and the rhythm of the seasons and tides.
At the end of your visit enjoy a pleasant moment tasting oysters.

In the Vendée, experience the oyster route in 3 stages:
- with David Lecossois in Barre de Monts,
- Jean-Louis Lheriau in Beauvoir sur Mer,
- M. Lusseau in Bouin.

Visit the oyster beds, maturing ponds, sheds and buildings, and enjoy tastings and exhibitions included in the programme.

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