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The Fiefs Vendéens vineyards have their own Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), created in 2011. The vines are grown in the south and north-west of the Vendée department, in five distinct areas: Brem, Chantonnay, Mareuil, Pissotte and Vix.

The 5 Fiefs Vendéens areas

Caves Mourat

It was in the years following WWII that a focus on quality was re-established with the replanting of the grape variety 'Vitis Vinifera'. This patient approach by passionate winegrowers and professional bodies succeeded and in 1953, the label "anciens fiefs du cardinal" was born in reference to Richelieu who was a former Bishop of Luçon.
The name "Fiefs Vendéens" appeared in 1965, describing a simple designation of origin (AOS), and in 1973 it was named as a "delimited country wine". The name was retained during its promotion to a "Delimited Wine of Superior Quality" (VDQS). After the grape harvest in 2011, the vineyards of Chantonnay joined the vineyards of Mareuil sur Lay, Brem sur Mer, Vix and Pissotte under the AOC label.

The geological wealth of the area combined with a mild climate create wines with unique character, featuring a lovely aromatic palette and joyful vigour. The PDO Fiefs Vendéens represents 15 wine makers who are committed to making this a dynamic label. The white wines are made with Chenin and Chardonnay grape varieties. The red and rosé wines are made with Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Négrette.

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