6 - Sites and visits not to be missed

Step into the Vendée's best food shops. Explore the culinary savoir-faire of this plentiful region.

Cafés Albert in La Roche sur Yon

Cafés Albert

In order to share their expertise, coffee makers Cafés Albert, founded in 1948 in La Roche sur Yon, decided to open their doors to the public. Coffee making is no longer a mystery for its visitors. Fifteen different areas produce roasted coffees which are packaged in different forms: beans, grounds, capsules, etc., all within this original multi-coloured factory.   Learn about the story of coffee, covering everything from the difference between Arabica and Robusta, to harvesting methods, roasting and finally tasting. The film "du caféier à la tasse" (from coffee bush to cup) shown at the end of the visit.

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Les Petits Cagniotes from the island of Noirmoutier

Les Petites Cagniotes

Originally from the Noirmoutier island, "Les Petits Cagniotes" offers two ranges of biscuits: sweet (shortbread, butter cookies, crunchy biscuits, cookies, different flavoured meringues including sea salt and caramel) and savoury ones to go with an aperitif (préfou, smoked paprika, onion and chive, and emmental and nutmeg).

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La Fabrique in Port Joinville on Ile d'Yeu

La Fabrique

"La Fabrique" is a beautiful shop in the centre of the port of l'Ile d'Yeu, and is open all year round. Not only a studio/boutique, this gem is also an exhibition space with works on sale. You might also find a pastry chef, butcher, local canning-plant owner, apple juice maker, market gardener, sheep farmer there as well as local artists. On the island, local products are being promoted using the label "Les produits de l'Ile d'Yeu" (Made in Ile d'Yeu).

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A visit to Le Chocolatier Sablais in Olonne sur Mer

Le Chocolatier Sablais

Embark on a journey to the land of chocolate. First stop is finding out about the countries which produce cocoa beans. The visit takes you round the chocolate factory and ends with tasting of several types of chocolates and biscuits.

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La Lutine in L'Orbie

la lutineGold medal winning bakery-patisserie for its brioche and préfou, La Lutine is looking forward to your visit at its premises on the edge of the Mervent forest. Enjoy a treat in the tearoom or on the terrace and choose from its many artisan products, ice-creams and homemade cakes!

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Les Fournées de la Vie in Aizenay

Fournees de la vie2"Les Fournées de la Vie" is a business which is passionate about making brioche, gâche, préfou, fion (egg custard dessert) and gâteau minute. These tasty traditional Vendée specialities are made from family recipes.

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