7 - The "Cuisine Montoise" label

In the Pays de Monts, "sea and marshland" cuisine is extremely popular. A dedicated label has therefore been introduced to give recognition to traditional, local dishes.

The Cuisine Montoise label was launched in 2014 by the Saint-Jean-de-Monts Tourist Office and has so far been awarded to around 13 establishments that seek to promote their local, home-made cuisine. The label currently covers around 40 regularly updated traditional dishes in restaurants holding the Cuisine Montoise label.

logo cuisine montoiseCuisine Montoise: a mark of authenticity

The label guarantees customers that the dishes are authentic, home-made, high-quality and locally sourced. Vendée cuisine is notable for its creative use of sea and marshland produce, its human qualities, its reflection of current consumer trends for tradition and local produce, and its use of premium quality ham.
The Cuisine Montoise label is a guarantee for all lovers of Vendée cuisine and those who enjoy exploring new tastes. It represents a culinary journey between the sea and the land.


caillebottes cuisine montoise(Re)discover traditional local dishes

Grilled eels with vine shoots, frogs' legs in "lét-bèr" sauce, rollmop sardines, hot oysters in sorrel butter and shallots, cuttlefish ratatouille, brioche, "fionaïe", Challans chicken and mojette beans in Vendée cassoulet, strawberry "caillebotte", egg with sorrel, etc.

These are just some of the authentic dishes, combining tradition and modernity, on offer at restaurants awarded the Cuisine Montoise label.

Cuisine Montoise restaurants & their specialities

Restaurant Chez Bastien - SAINT-JEAN-DE-MONTS
Pan-fried French eels with chopped parsley and garlic - Modern twist on cuttlefish

Restaurant La Langoust'in - SAINT-JEAN-DE-MONTS
Mussel cocktail with broth espuma - Roast lobster with trimmings, beurre blanc and lemon butter

Restaurant Le Robinson - SAINT-JEAN-DE-MONTS
Six Vendée oysters braised with sorrel butter and shallots, crushed fresh herbs, sweet wine emulsion flavoured with lavender - Local sardines and smoked leek, Vendée mojette bean, tomato and salicornia stew, garlic-rubbed "gralaie"

Salon des desserts - SAINT-JEAN-DE-MONTS
Brioche -- "Fion maraîchin"

Restaurant La Quich'notte - SAINT-JEAN-DE-MONTS
Quich'notte frogs' legs - Fresh starter (raw sardine fillets marinated in basil oil)

Restaurant Le Glajou - LE PERRIER
Cuttlefish ratatouille and pork cheeks with chorizo - Grilled eels with vine shoots

Le Fouée'dtruck - LA BARRE DE MONTS

On the go: fouée (a kind of topped bread) with margattes, sardines, mussels...

Mad'zelle Fouée' dtruck - LA BARRE DE MONTS

On the go: salt or sweet fouée (a kind of topped bread)

Restaurant L'Espadon - SAINT JEAN DE MONTS

Gralaia with frayed duck and salicornia

Restaurant La Fée Gourmandises - SAINT JEAN DE MONTS

Homemade pastries and chocolates

Restaurant L'Estran - SAINT JEAN DE MONTS

Frog legs with parsley - Eels with parsley

Restaurant Le Petit Saint Jean - SAINT JEAN DE MONTS

Frog legs with parsley - Eels with parsley

Restaurant La Villa - SAINT JEAN DE MONTS

Brioche -- "Fion maraîchin", raw sardine fillets marinated in basil oil, ham and mogettes revisited...