The Vendée, water-sports destination

With its 250 km of coastline and 140 km of beaches, the Vendée has unlimited potential for sports and leisure. Experience a range of emotions with water sports for all abilities and all ages! The Vendée is the French department that leads the world in the water sports industry. The flagship of the Vendée economy is firmly rooted in marinas, yachting clubs and associations that add life to all kinds of water sports on a serious or recreational level.

1 - Water-sports activities

Surfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, kayak canoeing... Have you always dreamed of pitting yourself against the elements or trying new experiences on or in the water? The Vendée has almost 120 clubs or associations involved in water-sports activities.

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2 - Marinas

From Herbaudière to l'Aiguillon sur Mer, there are marinas with space for numerous berths aground along the Vendée coast. Very lively in the summer season, these places are rooted in history and geography, and share their authentic maritime flavour with all of their stopover guests.

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