1 - Water-sports activities

Water boardsports are trademark activities in the Vendée

Surfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, kayak canoeing... Have you always dreamed of pitting yourself against the elements or trying new experiences on or in the water? The Vendée has almost 120 clubs or associations involved in water-sports activities. The sheer number of good locations make the department the ideal destination for beginners and experts alike.


Noirmoutier (2 kitesurfing clubs), La Barre-de-Monts/Fromentine (3 clubs), Brétignolles sur Mer (4 clubs), Ile d'Yeu, Jard sur Mer, Le Château d'Olonne, Longeville sur Mer (4 clubs), Olonne sur Mer, Les Sables d'Olonne (2 clubs), Saint Gilles Croix de Vie (3 clubs), Saint Jean de Monts, Talmont Saint Hilaire and La Tranche sur Mer (3 clubs).

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Vendéen surf spots:

The length of the wild coastline, from Saint Gilles Croix de Vie to la Tranche sur Mer, is where the best surfing areas are:
- La Sauzaie to Bretignolles sur Mer: definitely the most well-known surf spot in the Vendée right now with a reef break ... a beautiful glassy wall in the evening and tubes a kilometre long...
- Les Dunes in Brétignolles sur Mer: a beach break (from 1 to 1.5 m),
- Sauveterre in Olonne sur Mer: purely for surfing, waves all the time and for all abilities (two long right-hander reefs and a beach break),
- L'Aubraie to Les Sables d'Olonne: the take-off is fast and the left-hander is very hollow... a good site for goofy surfers,
- La Baie des Sables d'Olonne: ideal with west north-westerly winds
- Les Conches (Bud Bud) in Longeville sur Mer from the la Terrière beach to La Tranche sur Mer: a really long straight beach which can give tubular waves, a beach break with unlimited tubes,
- L'embaracadère in la Tranche sur Mer: a rare spot, long right-handers.

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SUP (Stand-Up Paddle Surfing) is the latest thing in the Vendée!


Stand-up paddle surfing is gaining more and more aficionados along the Vendée coast. The water sport imported from Hawaii arrived on French coastlines in 2006 and became an immediate hit. As the name suggests, you paddle whilst standing on a large surf board.

Noirmoutier, Ile d'Yeu, La Barre de Monts, Notre Dame de Monts, Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, Brétignolles sur Mer, Olonne sur Mer, Talmont Saint Hilaire, Longeville sur Mer, La Tranche sur Mer (2 clubs) La Faute sur Mer and Mervent.

Outrigger canoeing in the Vendée

A new arrival on the water-sports scene in France, is VA'A, Polynesian outrigger canoeing which is gaining popularity on the Vendéen coast. For a few years now on the Vendéen coastline, walkers looking out to sea may spot these less-familiar boats with their unusual outrigger float to the left side of the boat.

Ile d'Yeu, Les Sables d'Olonne, La Tranche sur Mer, La Faute sur Mer, L'Aiguillon sur Mer, Luçon, Saint Hilaire des Loges, Fontenay le Comte and Damvix.

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Dinghy sailing, sailboats, windsurfing, catamarans in the Vendée


Go sailing in the Vendée on a dinghy, sailboat or catamaran or go windsurfing. Choose from: 34 clubs.

Aiguillon sur Mer, Noirmoutier (6 clubs), La Barre de Monts/Fromentine, Brétignolles sur Mer (2 clubs), La Faute sur Mer, Ile d'Yeu, Longeville sur Mer, Notre Dame de Monts, Les Sables d'Olonne (2 clubs), Saint Gilles Croix de Vie (2 clubs), Saint Hilaire de Riez (2 clubs), Saint Jean de Monts, Talmont Saint Hilaire and La Tranche sur Mer (2 clubs).

Land sailing and speed sailing in the Vendée

char à voileDependant on tides and wind, the 17 clubs in the Vendée use the long beaches, which are ideal for this sport and provide year-round practise for beginners and experts alike (age 7 and up).

La Barre de Monts/Fromentine, Noirmoutier (2 clubs), Ile d'Yeu, La Faute sur Mer (2 clubs), Longeville sur Mer, Notre Dame de Monts, Saint Gilles Croix de Vie (2 clubs), Saint Hilaire de Riez, Talmont Saint Hilaire, Saint Jean de Monts and La Tranche sur Mer.

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Kayak canoeing, rowing, scuba diving, fishing and boat trips in the Vendée


Take time to discover the marine environment with some deep-sea diving or a kayak canoeing trip or quite simply some fishing or a boat trip...

Where can you do kayak canoeing?
19 clubs in the Vendée.

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Where can you go rowing?
3 clubs (Noirmoutier, Chavagnes en Paillers and la Roche sur Yon).

Where can you go scuba diving?
9 clubs in the Vendée (Noirmoutier, Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, Le Château d'Olonne, Les Sables d'Olonne (3 clubs), Ile d'Yeu (2 clubs) and la Roche sur Yon).

Where can you go on boat trips?
16 clubs or associations in the Vendée.

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