Fish and shellfish with velvet crab broth

Alexandre Couillon, head chef of La Marine in Noirmoutier, shares his recipe: Fish and shellfish with velvet crab broth.

La Marine, two Michelin stars
Located on Noirmoutier Island, opposite Port de l'Herbaudière
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Ingredients (serves 4)

Fish and shellfish (alive)
100 g king prawns; 8 cockles; 4 verni clams; 4 carpetshell clams; 4 razor clams; 4 prawns; 4 langoustines

Turnip and coconut cream
2 kg round turnips; 4 litres coconut milk

4 spring carrots; 2 spring leeks; 1 red pepper; 1 quarter cauliflower

Sweet & sour sauce
600 g white vinegar; 500 g water; 500 g sugar; ginger; tomato purée; tarragon

Velvet crab broth
3 kg velvet crabs; 1 bunch aromatic herbs; 10 gelatine leaves

Herbs; kaffir lime oil


Preparing the velvet crab broth :
Chop the crabs into large chunks and fry them in the olive oil with the aromatic herbs.
Pour in 2 litres of water and leave to poach slowly.
Strain the stock and reduce if necessary to intensify the flavour.
Aim for 375 g of stock and gel with gelatine leaves.

Preparing the turnip cream :
Wash, peel and finely chop the turnips. Blanch in boiling water.
Strain and finish cooking the turnips in the coconut milk.
Blend and chill.
Season to taste.

Preparing the vegetables :
Peel and finely chop the vegetables, soak them in cooking salt for about 10 minutes. Rinse them well and keep cool. 
Add them to the sweet and sour sauce.

Preparing the fish/shellfish :
Open the shellfish in seawater and keep chilled.

Finish and dressing :
Pour in the coconut and turnip cream. Add the shellfish and prawns.
Gently arrange the vegetables over the shellfish.
Emulsify the crab stock jelly and pour over gently.
Garnish with herbs and a few drops of kaffir lime oil.

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