Wine tourism

The department's wine-growers can be found on the hillsides of Southern Vendée and in the foothills of the Bocage Vendéen. Vendée has retained its tradition for family-run wine growing over the centuries. The stand-out local wines are the Fiefs Vendéens - little known among the public but highly prized among connoisseurs. These wines were awarded the prestigious controlled designation of origin (AOC) title in 2011. Since fine cuisine and fine wine make the perfect marriage, wine tourism is a fantastic way to explore the Vendée by getting better acquainted with its "fiefs". Local wine-growers organise bike tours of the vines, wine tastings and visits to new wineries to introduce visitors to Vendée's rich wine culture.

Domaine Saint Nicolas

Thierry Michon grows three different colours of grape variety in a soil composed mainly of clay and schist. In 1995, he was the first wine-grower from the Vendée to adopt biodynamic farming practices.

Domaine Coirier

The Domaine Coirier estate, run by Mathieu, is located in Pissotte, just a stone's throw from Fontenay-le-Comte. The family's wine-growing history at the Domaine de la Petite Groie dates back to 1895.

Vignoble Mercier

The Mercier family have been wine-growers since 1890, and own the Vix AOC estate.

Domaine Mourat

At their estate in Mareuil, the Mourat family have been perpetuating a family passion for wine since 1880. Jean Mourat has gradually expanded his vineyard onto the surrounding wild hillsides and has re-planted the original varieties.

Domaine de la Barbinière

The family-owned Domaine de la Barbinière estate is situated on the geological boundary between the Bocage Vendéen and the Plaine de Luçon. The vineyard covers a total of 30 hectares across the hillsides around the river Lay in Chantonnay.