3 - A good catch...

Here in Vendée, you have a great chance of landing a good catch! Whether you're a fan of still-fishing, a lover of predator fishing or a carp specialist, you're sure to find everything you need to indulge your passion and land a great catch...​


Predators can be found in all of the department's rivers and lakes. The main species are as follows:


Perch: an abundant species in Vendée's lakes and rivers, these fish move in shoals and can be particularly aggressive. Perfect for fun, dynamic fishing experiences.

Silurus: populations of this species continue to grow in our rivers, and fresh water big-game fishing for silurus is now permitted.

Black bass: known for its lively nature and an iconic species of sports fishing, the black bass may literally "pounce on anything that moves", especially surface bait.


Pike: this predatory fish with its long, narrow body has a mouth armed with numerous teeth. It lives in stagnant or slow-flowing fresh water in our rivers, lakes and marshes.

Zander: this species is the king of large rivers and deep lakes, preferring calm water to fast-flowing currents. It has become one of the most sought-after species among anglers. There are various methods used to catch the zander, such as fishing with dead bait.



Common roach: this species has a large population in our rivers, and is the archetypal still-fishing catch. It will bite at anything and can be caught all year round.

Bream: this gregarious species prefers calm waters and can grow to a large size, allowing still-fishing anglers to develop their technique, especially feeder fishing.

Chub: this is an extremely tricky fish to catch, and anglers will need to use all their skill and expertise to land this pugnacious species known for its violent attacks.

Tench: this solitary species prefers slow-moving currents in our rivers. It is mainly found during the warm season, and puts up a real fight when caught. It is normally caught using various still-fishing techniques.

Migratory species

Eel: the eel is the queen of the marshes and lives for 5-10 years here in Vendée, before heading out to see to reproduce.