4 - Regulations

Fishing permits, season dates, fish sizes, authorised fishing methods... Here, you'll find detailed information about fishing regulations in Vendée.

Where can you buy your fishing permit?

reglementation fishingHere in Vendée, like elsewhere in France, all anglers must hold a fishing permit. There is a permit for every occasion, from one day to one week or one year permits, for men, women, children or adults. Simply select the fishing permit that best suits your requirements:
-    at the Vendée Fishing Federation website
-    from one of the various points of sale in Vendée.

Season dates

Specific season dates are set each year, to protect the biological rhythm of the department's species and to preserve the local aquatic environments. For some species, fishing is permitted for several months, while for others it is only permitted in summer. Fishing is prohibited for certain species.

>> View the Vendée fishing season dates

Fish sizes and number of catches

For certain species, a minimum catch size applies. If the fish is smaller than the minimum size, it must be returned to the water immediately.

>> Learn how to measure your catches

There are no regulations governing the number of catches, except for trout and eels. However, we ask that you behave responsibly in order to help preserve the fish populations of our rivers.

Authorised methods

Line fishing, boat fishing or net fishing... here, you can find out about the authorised fishing techniques and methods, depending on your permit and the fishing area concerned.