Les 4 jours de Chantonnay

The "4 jours de Chantonnay" in May every year

The "4 jours en Chantonnay" event is a rambling event in Vendée featuring four days of walking, 20 circuits and a night-time circuit.

The association "Randonnée 4 jours en Chantonnay" was set up in July 1999. It opted for the maximum number of walking days (4) and the longest distance (42 km). Today the event transcends France's borders. The only town in France to be listed by the IML Walking Association is Chantonnay, which therefore represents its country alongside 23 other towns and cities in the organisation such as Barcelona, Washington D.C., Blankenberge, etc.

Nearly 5,000 walkers (a quarter of whom are from abroad) meet up during the four days over the 20 circuits on offer... with a different route each day and choice of distances: 8, 12, 21, 28 and 42 km (routes are straight-line, not as a circuit; transfers are provided).
The "4 jours en Chantonnay" event also features many theme-related activities and a night-time ramble.

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