4 - Alternative ways to walk in the Vendée

The Vendée offers alternative walks, GPS walks, new footpaths to learn about art...

Randocroquis art paths: learn about drawing and watercolours whilst on a walk

Randocroquis - Peindre un vignoble

Randocroquis® art paths are built in natural environments and are aimed at teaching about nature and drawing. With custom made wooden furniture, young and old, novices to accomplished sketch artists can learn landscape drawing techniques whilst in situ, in the style of travel journals.
Travel journal enthusiasts, beginners and budding artists will find 23 drawing subjects spread over four Randocroquis art paths. All you need are pencils and colours to fill the pages of your journal.

Materials needed: a sketch book and a pencil are essential. To take it to the next level, bring watercolours, ink pen and ink and fine permanent markers.

Time required: to complete all the suggested subjects, allow between 2 to 3 hours per site and 15 minutes to get between the two sites.

Four paths accessible near to Rocheservière (less than 8 km):

  • Randocroquis art path from Petit Chemin to Saint Sulpice le Verdon
  • Randocroquis art path from Parc de l'Ognon to Saint André Treize Voies
  • Randocroquis art path from Parc de l'Audrenière to Mormaison
  • Randocroquis art path from Bois de la Boule to Saint Philbert de Bouaine

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Walks with a touch of "cool"

La vallée de l'Yon

Armed with your smartphone or multimedia guide, set off on an adventure and enjoy a countryside walk at the same time as being entertained!
Programme includes: treasure hunts, quizzes, videos and fun ways to learn about the history and heritage of the Vendée.

Three walks to choose from:
- Rocheservière village (2 km),
- Saint Philbert de Bouaine moorland (4.5 km),
- around Saint André Treize Voies (3.5 km).

Great walks with a difference to enjoy with family or friends!

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GPS walks to Saint Jean de Monts, Notre Dame de Monts and Barre de Monts

Randonnée dans les vignes

Struggle with the clues on a treasure hunt, don't trust your instinct, but do trust your GPS!
Hire a GPS device from a tourist office, then follow heritage, historical or architecture trails and explore the north-west Vendée in a fun way!

Information and GPS hire from:
- Tourist Office in Fromentine/Barre de Monts: 02 51 68 51 83
- Tourist Office in Notre Dame de Monts: 02 51 58 84 97
- Tourist Office in Saint Jean de Monts: 0826 887 887 (€0.15 per minute incl. VAT from a landline)

Geocaching, the modern treasure hunt

Geocaching has become an extremely popular high-tech game. Geocaching is a fun outdoor activity. Using a GPS or smartphone participants enter a specific set of coordinates (posted on the Internet). They then navigate to the correct location using and attempt to find the geocach container hidden there.

The GPS allows you to work out where you are and choose the correct path to find the geocach, at the same time you can enjoy a walk whilst respecting the environment. Enjoy geocaching on your own or with family or friends and discover the flora, fauna, and heritage with treasure at the end!

The Vendée is full of geocaches, it has 722 caches and the Yonnais region has 300. Many of the tourist offices in the Vendée can offer information on this activity. In Saint Jean de Monts, the treasure is in the form of a metal box inside which is a logbook for your comments and there are also objects to swap. The tourist office in Achards offers a new version of this game with a nature rally around the Lac du Jaunay.