Alternative Vendée

Looking for something a little different, a new experience perhaps? Choose the road less travelled and explore the Vendée in a different way... The Vendée has a wealth of original sites, activities and accommodation which make for an unforgettable holiday.

1 - Unusual accommodation

Stay in a lodge in the great outdoors, dream up high in treehouse or watch the stars in a bubble room... See what unusual accommodation we have to offer, each one is a surprising as the last.

2 - Roaming horse-drawn caravans

The reins and your destiny in your hands, you are free. There's no need to go in for long speeches, nor speak the language of horses to live one's destiny in a horse-drawn caravan. But we can offer ...

3 - Unusual sites and places

From the longest submersible road in Europe, to schools converted into guest houses, gîtes and restaurants. Surprise your loved ones and yourself at the same time with these unusual places.

5 - Alternative leisure activities

Do you fancy something a bit different or unexpected? A trip in a hot-air balloon maybe, or a bivouac walk in the moonlight or Green Venice in a horse-drawn caravan... Find original and surprising ...