2- Roaming horse-drawn caravans

The reins and your destiny in your hands, you are free. There's no need to go in for long speeches, nor speak the language of horses to live one's destiny in a horse-drawn caravan. But we can offer one tip... It pays to be friends with the horse...

Green Venice with "Les Roulottes de l'Abbaye"

Les Roulottes de l'AbbayeOff you go on a trip in the heart of the Marais Poitevin in your "holiday house on wheels"! Your new travel companion will set the pace and each day will be different. You stop for the night near to existing campsites. Experience the traveller lifestyle with your family in a horse-drawn caravan, travelling the green lanes of the Marais Poitevin! No equestrian experience needed for this adventure. All you need is a desire to get on the road with your new companion!
The horse-drawn caravan is just perfect for kids. They can ride in the caravan when they are tired of walking. They can sleep, read, enjoy the scenery while enjoying the gentle clip clop of the horse's hooves. When it comes to steering, you won't be left on your own! Jérôme is on hand to take care of the harnessing and steering the caravan and to keep everyone safe.

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"Les Roulottes du Sud Vendée" in Sainte Hermine

Les Roulottes du Sud VendéeMichel invites you to take time to explore and enjoy the Vendée countryside with a working horse as a travel companion. With family or friends, there's something for everyone! Staying in a horse-drawn caravan is an original way to explore the countryside for a few days or more!

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