Grand prix meules bleues

Grand prix meules bleues

This unique gathering will bring together entrepreneurs looking to break free from the negativity of the current economic climate. It will take place on 24 September 2016 in Les Sables-d'Olonne.

This year's event is the third of its type. The organisers will travel around France to promote the event from 10-21 March 2016, and will try to secure the participation of more than 1,000 business leaders. The aim of this "Grand Prix" event is to take part in a unique adventure, strengthen team cohesion and, ultimately, have fun! Come out onto the roads around Vendée on 24 September to see these crisis-busting mopeds for yourself!    

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Potager extraordinaire - La Mothe Achard

Vegetable Festival Extraordinaire: pumpkin festival

At the beginning of October every year, the national competition for the largest pumpkin takes place at Potager Extraordinaire in La Mothe Achard.
In 2013, grower Medhi Daho took the prize for the biggest pumpkin with a whopping specimen weighing 646.5 kg.

Les foulées du Gois

Les foulées du Gois: race against the sea

Every year in June, professional runners take to the Passage du Gois. Les foulées du Gois attracts thousands of spectators, who get to admire this exceptional maritime setting. Thirty international runners race against the rising tide. Come and see this head-to-head challenge between man and nature.

Les sports d'hiver à la mer

Winter sports by the sea

Mountain activities by the sea is what happens each year in La Barre de Monts/Fromentine!

During the February school holidays, the seaside resort of La Barre de Monts/Fromentine offers unusual and fun activities by the sea, in protected natural areas. With its 7 km of fine sandy beaches bordered by the Pays de Monts state forest, it is the perfect playground for sensation-seekers. Dog sledding and snowshoe walking takes place on the same beach as land sailing and kite-surfing.

Activities offered include: dog-sled rides, carriage rides, twilight snowshoeing, treasure hunts, mountain patisserie workshops, roller-skiing lessons...