1 - Thalassotherapy centres

A universal symbol of the "original source of life", the benefits of seawater for body and soul are becoming more and more valued. So, come and enjoy indulgent treatment in one of the 2 thalassotherapy centres in the Vendée!

Côte Ouest, a new lease of life for the thalassotherapy centre in Les Sables d'Olonne

Relais Thalasso

Tucked away in the shelter of a 3.5 hectare pine forest by a lake, the Hotel Côte Ouest & Relais Thalasso overlooks the ocean with an outstanding view of Les Sables d'Olonne bay.

"We are a cruise liner with passengers", says hotel manager Sylvie Dubreuil. In reception the tone is set: a desk evocative of old trunks, metal beams... in the lounge bar are club armchairs, Chesterfields, old pedestal tables, all creating an atmosphere with a hint of "British Empire" to it. The restaurant faces the sea and is reminiscent of an old, restored ship hangar with its old bricks and metal beams. The place is given that extra touch with its huge light fixtures with crystal pendants. The 94 rooms and 3 suites have been completely refurbished and have a "cabin" feel. Warm colours, thick carpets and all rooms come with balconies.

The thalasso & spa centre with its 1,490 m² of facilities offers: wraps, baths, underwater jets and massages. In the salon's rooms or at the bar de la tisanerie, waiting times become a moment to take a break. The centre has the expertise of a team of water therapists, physiotherapists and beauty specialists in addition to professionals trained in nutrition, fitness coaching and relaxation.

For a spa break, the new cocoon area with eight booths, three of which face the sea, offer massages, relaxation and beauty treatments.
Further health benefits can be enjoyed using hydormarin treatments: seawater pool heated to 32°C, swan neck jets, bubble benches, counterflow walking, jacuzzi, underwater jets and an area for aqua-aerobics. The well-being area also includes a gym (with professional instructors), a sauna, an oriental hammam and an aromatherapy room.

New for 2016: wellness à la carte!
Personal guidance and assistance from health and wellness professionals, to help you understand and modify some habits that can upset your day-to-day balance (naturopath, dietician, osteopath, reflexologist and sports coach): a great way to take stock of your general health and get your body in perfect harmony.

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Thalasso therapy in Saint Jean de Monts

 Thalasso Saint Jean de Monts

Enjoy the thalasso centre in Saint Jean de Monts by opting for total care and traditional thalassotherapy techniques in harmony with nature thanks to the salty air of the ocean, the area's vast open spaces and the use of its famous sea mud from the bay of Bourgneuf.

The thalassotherapy centre in Saint Jean de Monts is a 3,000 m² facility in the heart of the pine forest, dedicated to serenity and relaxation since 1989.
Clients can enjoy aquacycling sessions, an outdoor jacuzzi, "hydro sensory" equipment and spa. Some treatments are available for two people at once (baths, massage, wraps...).

Fresh, natural and non-recycled, the sea mud is a concentration of trace elements applied at 45°C according to medical prescriptions and is particularly recommended in rheumatology.
The thalasso centre offers different treatments, including "Bulle de bien-être" and "Maman-bébé & Co". There are also sessions on how to cope with diabetes and living with the condition using a holistic approach.

New for 2016: the "Essentiel Thalasso" treatment
Enjoy the full benefits of the sea and give your body a deep cleanse: this programme gets straight to the point, helping to recharge body with minerals and marine mineral nutrients. 

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