2 - The 30 finest circuits in the Vendée

The department network and its 1 150 km of cycling tracks have been supplemented by a very dense local network that has been extensively developed just inland from the coast. The small roads along the Bocage, the coast, islands and Marais Poitevin are ideal for this type of exploration. Cycling fans will enjoy the new "bike" circuits that will help them connect both to the department track and local networks.

 Three examples of circuits:

A short circuit in Brétignolles sur Mer

Btétignolles sur MerGo round the small seaside resort of Brétignolles sur Mer in just 8.7 km (50% on departmental tracks). The track goes through the tiny hamlets of the village before returning to the departmental cycling track along the coast. Enjoy the bays and beaches of Marais Girard and then La Parée with a quick stop in Rocher de Saint Véronique.


Explore the circuit of Noirmoutier island

L'Ile de NoirmoutierVarious circuits will enable you to enjoy the multiple facets of Noirmoutier island:
The "Entre marais et moulins" circuit, is 19.6 km long and meanders through the saltwater marshes before returning to the village of La Guérinière with its small white houses, windmills and narrow streets. A quick trip across the forest before a stopover in Port Morin (a small marina) from where the view is breathtaking...
Wild, natural beaches as far as the eye can see.

Between vineyards and Bocage

RocheservièreIn Rocheservière, start off by breathing in the atmosphere of the medieval village with its bridge whose foundations hark back to Roman times, its narrow streets, its "Maison des Arts et Traditions" watermill, bijou châteaux and the La Boulogne river. Then set off for Saint Philbert de Bouaine via the small roads along the Muscadet vineyards. The "vignes et bocage" circuit is 26.8 km long and offers a refreshing change of scenery.

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Download a map of the 30 best cycling circuits in the Vendée below.