3 - Vélodyssée at the heart of the Euro Vélo route 1

Imagine a route along the Atlantic coast where cyclists and nature reign supreme. A véloroute where you can feel free to go at your own pace, explore and contemplate. This véloroute is the longest in France. Welcome to Vélodyssée, a 1,250 km route of cycling tracks, 70% of which are dedicated car-free tracks for cycling (cycle paths and greenways) that cross France from Brittany to the Basque coast.

Head for England, Spain, the Black Sea...

La Côte rocheuse

Developed with freedom of movement in mind, Vélodyssée is a fully European route. In taking it, you travel part of the Eurovélo route 1 which connects Norway to Portugal via the UK, France and Spain.
You will also be connected to several international routes such as Eurovélo route 4 (from the English Channel to the Black Sea) and route 6 (Eurovélo routes along rivers from Nantes)


Vélodyssée in Vendée

Pistes cyclablesThe cycle track along the Vendée coast between Bouin and L'Aiguillon sur Mer via Noirmoutier island is currently the most complete with 95% having been finished. To date 200 km have been developed along the coastline, 150 km of which are dedicated sites.